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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

SB 6538 Passes in Both Houses

SB 6538 Passes in Both Houses

Legislation to allow businesses of one such as real estate agents and other sole proprietors to obtain health insurance at group rates passed the Washington State House of Representatives by a vote of 58-36.

Congratulations to our Main Street Alliance and all of the GSBA members who worked on the legislation.

Now both the House and Senate have passed versions of this bill. There is a difference between the two versions. The House version only implements the policy change contingent on President Obama signing national health reform with guaranteed issue into law. We are exploring to see if there is an appetite among senators to insist on a non-contingent implementation schedule. But for now, there is great reason to celebrate -- we have succeeded in moving one of GSBA’s top state legislative priority forward this year!

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