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MISSION: To combine business development, leadership and social action to expand economic opportunities for the LGBT Community and those who support equality for all.

Friday, September 26, 2014


by Rachael Brister

Instead of my usual round up of social media and business marketing related blog posts, tips and resources, I am dedicating this month’s column to an app I am smitten with.  Hyperlapse.

Hyperlapse is a video app created by Instagram. You can create amazing time lapse videos that look polished, professional and because of built-in stabilization, your resulting video will not be shaky or cause motion sickness when viewed. These types of videos were previously impossible to create without expensive equipment and bulky tripods. And you do not need an Instagram or Hyperlapse account, just a camera phone. Capture an entire sunrise in 10 seconds. Walk through the crowds at an all-day music festival, then distill it into a 30 second spot. Capture your bumpy trail run and share your 5k in 5 seconds.

There are also a lot of useful and fun applications of this app for your business:
  • Do you sell a product that requires instructions on how to assemble? Record the entire process with Hyperlapse.
  • Unbox your product piece by piece and record the process.
  • Show your customers and potential customers a behind the scenes look at your workplace.
  • Have your audience compete in a contest using Hyperlapse.
  • Record each member of your staff saying a greeting or just waving to the camera and string them all together.
  • If your business is food-related, record the chef cooking, the bartender mixing a drink, stocking your shelves or just a bustling day of servers, customers, etc.

Most of all, have fun!

Here are a few resources that include more great ideas on using Hyperlapse for your business.

It is currently only available for the iPhone and iPad, but Instagram is now available iOs, Android and Windows Phone, so I am hoping Hyperlapse is soon to follow. 

Diversity Career Fair A Big Success

Career Fairs are a risky business, but GSBA’s first-ever Diversity Career Fair was a resounding success by all measurements. On August 15, 2014, GSBA’s Young Professionals with Pride (YPP) group produced a Diversity Career Fair hosted by CityUniversity of Seattle at their South Lake Union campus. Spearheaded by GSBA Office & Events Coordinator Randy Bowren, the YPP group saw an opportunity to connect the area’s employers with qualified candidates of all backgrounds. The event was generously sponsored by CityUniversity of Seattle, Centerpoint Institute and Regence.

Twenty-seven employers participated, over 170 resumes were submitted and one hundred job seekers (many of whom self-identified as LGBTQ) visited throughout the day. Prior to the Career Fair, GSBA had heard from a number of employers that most career fairs are only for entry level positions, which are easier for employers to fill, which is why employers are hesitate to participate in Career Fairs. However, GSBA was delighted that both employers participating and job seekers in attendance, offered a wide range of opportunities for prospective employees at all levels. There were entry level sales positions, mid-level marketing positions and positions requiring graduate level degrees.

Job seekers felt comfortable with the inclusive environment and felt that the employers were very welcoming. The welcoming atmosphere promoted meaningful conversations with potential employers. YPP Task Force member and career coach Victor Ongpin helped reduce participants’ anxiety by providing one-on-one counseling before even walking through the doors. Within days of the Diversity Career Fair, at least five people had found jobs via the connections they made at the event.

One participant responded that “the GSBA YPP Career Fair was one of the best ones I have ever attended. I felt comfortable knowing it was a LGBT-focused career fair. All the staff members were very friendly and made me feel relaxed.  I felt the job fair was well organized, and most importantly, I found my new job there!” Another added that they felt safe dressing and being their true self in front of the group.

The employers, for their part, were very impressed with how prepared the candidates were. One employer enthusiastically responded that they “loved the minority focus and that people were comfortable at the Career Fair.” Aware of the demographic targets of the Diversity Career Fair, many of the employers embraced the theme in their marketing materials and presentations.

The YPP Task Force is already making plans to partner with CityUniversity of Seattle for next year’s career fair.  Start planning your participation now - whether as a sponsor, an employer or career candidate.  For more information on the 2015 Diversity Career Fair, please contact Randy Bowren at YPP is dedicated to providing Seattle's LGBT and allied young professionals unique and valuable opportunities to enhance personal and professional development through social, educational, and philanthropic activities.  

GSBA Board Member Profile: Brandon Chun

Brandon Chun was appointed to the GSBA Board of Directors earlier this month.

Brandon is currently the Director of Human Resources and Employee Development at MDC, a nonprofit in Tacoma dedicated to stabilizing homeless and lower income individuals and families, and addressing the social determinants of poverty. He obtained his law degree from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law. Since 1992 he has practiced labor and employment law counseling and representing management and a wide range of employers. He also sits on the boards of Ingersoll Gender Center and Out in Front, a LGBTQ leadership program.

"I am grateful to participate on our GSBA board to further strengthen the economic sustainability of local and regional businesses, and to foster the development of current and future leaders."

Having grown up in Hawaii, he loves fun in the sun. Having now lived in the Pacific Northwest for over 25 years he has come to love “other weather”. On the weekends, find him on the softball fields or at the park with his two pups.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

5 Questions with Alysa Rosen, GSBA’s New Membership Services Manager

Alysa Rosen is the new GSBA Membership Services Manager. If you have any questions about joining the organization, expanding your involvement, or about what benefits are available to you, don't hesitate to reach out to her at AlysaR [at]

Welcome, Alysa! Tell us a bit about yourself.
I grew up in Houston, TX, and received my master of science in social work from the University of Texas at Austin. Go Longhorns! In addition, I completed a certificate in nonprofit management from the University of Washington in 2012. In my free time, I help organize events and programming for Kolenu, Seattle’s Jewish LGBT group. I also enjoy hiking, taking classes at Jet City Improv, reading great fiction, learning how to cook and seeing live music.  

What is your favorite hike?
I love so many of the hikes right off of I-90, like Little Si, Twin Falls and Tiger Mountain. But I think my favorite hike these days is Rattlesnake Ledge. I’m actually heading there this weekend! It’s a gorgeous, winding hike through the forest that ends in spectacular views of the Cedar River watershed, Mount Si, Mount Washington, Rattlesnake Lake and Chester Morse Lake. If the weather is warm enough, the lake is a great place to cool off in afterwards.

What is a memorable live performance you have seen recently?
I recently had the privilege of seeing Led to Sea live at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard. I have seen violist-violinist Alex Guy before and have always been impressed, but this time she had an incredible cellist and drummer accompany her. I was honestly transfixed. If you get a chance, go see her!

What did you do before coming to GSBA?
As the Membership and Program Director of Temple Beth Am, a 900-household liberal synagogue here in Seattle, I had the privilege of recruiting, welcoming and integrating over 200 new member households into our community during my five years there. I worked with our board of directors, senior leadership and membership to plan and execute programs and events to foster engagement, ensure our members were happy and would continue their annual support of the synagogue. Additionally, I built and supervised a robust volunteer corps to support new and existing programming.

What are you looking forward to doing here at GSBA?

I am excited to work for GSBA, helping to grow our membership, retain our wonderful existing members and maintain us as the premier chamber of commerce in Washington State. GSBA is truly a chamber with both a heart and a conscience. What other chamber in the country has included the term “social justice” in its mission or has devoted a large portion of its own resources and staff time to raising scholarship funds to enable LGBT and allied youth to further their education?

Monday, September 22, 2014

Regence BlueShield employees advocate for change from the inside out

At Regence BlueShield, we look to our own employees to live and own our Cause of transforming health care, creating a person-focused and economically sustainable system. For us, transformation starts from the inside out. To carry on our tradition of “walking the talk,” our employee resource groups are formed by employees with a passion for ensuring we do just that, including our LGBTQ group, PRIDE.

PRIDE’s energy and leadership has helped shape Regence’s culture of inclusion. As PRIDE’s executive sponsor, Chip Terhune knows the synergy generated by this active employee resource group. “Regence’s own employees are our most effective ambassadors and advocates, inside and outside our organization,” says Terhune. “Being empowered and encouraged to celebrate our diversity within the company helps us reflect and better serve our customers and our community.”

The group’s mission is to broaden awareness and acceptance of our LGBTQ community, open lines of communication, and increase understanding, emotional support and camaraderie among our Regence staff. Participation in PRIDE has grown to 60 members in two years. This dedicated volunteer team recently provided $2,500 (if referencing community support funds, the amount is $2,000) on behalf of the company  for LGBTQ organizations in our Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Utah markets, including GSBA in Seattle, Youth Care in Seattle, The Q Center in Portland, Utah Pride Center, Navos Mental Health Solutions.

However, PRIDE’s reach spans beyond community outreach. The group’s advocacy has illuminated the critical work to be done in addressing serious health equity issues in our region, particularly for LGBTQ patients. A recent study discovered that 28 percent of LGBTQ patients postponed medical care because they feared discrimination from medical providers. Regence hopes to empower our members to find the culturally-competent care they need.  The ‘My Community’ feature on our website, allows for secure conversations among our diverse community of members to empower personalized healthcare decisions.

Through our employee resource groups – and PRIDE specifically – Regence employees feel empowered to speak out about issues, elevate them to the teams that can innovate solutions, and roll out meaningful, person-focused processes and products for our customers and members.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

GSBA Endorses Prop 1

The GSBA Board of Directors has voted to endorse Seattle Proposition 1 in the November 2014 general election.

"As a mass transit rider whose bus routes to downtown were eliminated during the last cuts, I was left with less frequent and non-direct bus service, resulting in a longer commute.  Additional planned cuts will make commuting to work and navigating the City more difficult for most and impossible for others. I am proud that GSBA is taking a leadership position to save our mass transit system by endorsing Proposition 1. Avoiding debilitating cuts and preserving mass transit is critical to Seattle businesses and workers alike. Our employees, clients and customers need reliable mass transit with frequent buses throughout the City to get to work and appointments, shop downtown and patronize neighborhood businesses, restaurants and nightlife." - GSBA Board Member Mona Smith

The transit-only measure would raise an estimate $45 million per year through a $60 vehicle licensing fee (with $20 low-income rebate) and a 0.1% sales tax, both of which expire in 6 years. This is the same funding source as the King County Proposition 1, which was supported by 66% of Seattle voters.

Transit is vital for our whole community - for employers, for employees, for customers, for students, for seniors, for everyone.

Visit the Yes for Seattle Transit website for more information about the campaign.