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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Announcing the GSBA Small Business Council

Last month, fourteen small business leaders, led by Board Chair, Martha Davis, gathered at Utina Wardroom to kick off the GSBA Small Business Council. Everyone touts the important role small businesses play in keeping that economic engine turning, yet small business have always faced huge challenges not often faced by large corporations. These challenges are compounded further by the growing complexity of new city regulations which small businesses must address under initiatives passed in the city of Seattle in the last few years. This is not about the politics of the initiatives and it is not about being for or against a new regulation or law. Rather, the challenge is how, as a small business, often without an HR or finance department, can one develop the capacity to comply with new rules, regulations and mandates.  

To address these new challenges as well to ensure our small business members are getting the support they need to market their business and gain the skills they need to succeed, GSBA has created a dedicated Council made up of small business leaders. GSBA’s Small Business Council will provide GSBA with the insight into the issues faced by small businesses as well as the opportunities that GSBA should be providing to our small business members that would be most helpful. The Small Business Council will meet bi-monthly and welcomes your input on issues you face as a small business owner.

Challenges already identified by the Small Business Council include:
  • Attracting new clients
  • Need for business attorney
  • Financial literacy
  • Lack of finances
  • Retail specific issues
  • Handling Growth
  • Lack of Time
  • Talking through a problem with a colleague
  • Identifying your correct demographic
  • Managing growth
  • Resources for infrastructure
  • Saying no
  • Finding a building to lease
  • Finding and retaining good staff
  • Social media training

 To address these and other pressing issues, GSBA is proud to announce the founding members of the GSBA Small Business Council:

Eli Allision, Repair Revolution
Martha Davis, City Lights Sign Company
Joe Fugere, Tutta Bella
Susan Fuller, Attorney At Law
Lendy Hensley, City Catering
Bobbie Lyons, Genworth
Christiana Maia, Trilogy Chiropractic
Dani Cone, Fuel, High Five Pie, Cone & Steiner
Diane Coyne, Picket Fence Real Estate
John Rubino, Green Rubino
Sally Schultz, Sally Schultz Co, Commercial Mortgage
Karyn Schwartz, SugarPill
Greg Serum, Your Man Friday
Paul Villa, Lobby Bar

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