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Monday, January 27, 2014

Residence XII: Helping overcome addiction to achieve happy and productive lives in recovery

Nicci Noteboom, Marketing Communications Director of Residence XII spoke with us recently about the services that their programs offer. You can learn more about Residence XII at or call 425-823-8844.

When Residence XII opened in 1981, it was one of only two gender-specific chemical dependency treatment programs in the nation. More than 10,000 women have received treatment at the Kirkland treatment center since then. Residence XII’s clients come from diverse backgrounds, ethnicity, education and economic standing. What they all have in common is a desire to overcome the challenges of addiction.
Residence XII offers residential inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment, along with support for family and friends. The agency provides free assessments and referrals for any woman seeking treatment for alcohol and chemical dependency. Other free community services Residence XII provides include:
  • Intervention education classes the second Wednesday of the month from 6-7:30 p.m. Not gender specific.
  • Family/ friends education and support classes Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 7-8:30 p.m. Not gender specific.
  • “Sober Gals” AA meeting Tuesdays evenings from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Women only.
Q: Why is Residence XII dedicated to serving women specifically?

In general women are more comfortable and feel safer talking about issues contributing to or resulting from their substance abuse in an all-women facility. Alcoholic and addict women have a higher rate of partner violence 87% vs. 28% than other women and 66% of women in treatment report history of childhood sexual abuse as compared to 35% of women in general population. Also, compared to men, women are slower to respond to treatment and have a greater incidence of on-going clinical depression. The death rate among women alcoholics is higher than among males because of their increased risk for suicide, alcohol-related accidents, cirrhosis and hepatitis.

Q: What kinds of treatment options are available?
Residence XII offers inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient and continuing care. Women enter treatment at Residence XII (and treatment in general) by having an assessment to diagnose what level of treatment is needed. Generally, a woman who does inpatient treatment for 21-28 days and then steps down into intensive outpatient which meets three days a week and then into in continuing care which meets less frequently.  Assessments are free to any woman in the community regardless of whether she chooses to go to treatment here.

Q: What kind of follow-up care is there to help guide women seeking treatment beyond their stay at the Residence? What does the family program entail?
Those who come out of inpatient treatment or even intensive outpatient will step down into lower levels of care. We also refer and help them engage in other forms of care they might need, such as medical, psychiatric and dental. We also recommend that women attend support groups, examples would be Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous.  Regarding the family program, we have counselor dedicated to working with the families/loved ones. She does 1:1 sessions with the families and the woman who is in inpatient treatment, as well as teaches classes and support groups specifically for families. Families can still attend the support groups after treatment is finished. Outpatient also has a family education component.

Q: Who is eligible/appropriate for the inpatient program? Is it the same thing as rehab?
Inpatient and rehab are fairly interchangeable terms but there are different levels of care within the industry. The assessment determines what level of care the woman needs and this is standard for all treatment facilities. A woman who has a lot of mental health issues along with addiction – say untreated schizophrenia – will be referred to a higher level of care. If a woman has relapsed or attempted treatment several times, we may refer her to a long-term 60-day or 90-day program. Residence XII accepts all  major insurances and many require us to get pre-authorization after the assessment and sometimes that can determine how many days a woman can stay. We do not take Medicaid or Medicare but we do offer scholarships to uninsured or underinsured women who don’t qualify for those programs.

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