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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Somebody pinch me please!

by Mark Rosén, GSBA Board Chair

Could someone pinch me please! Somehow we have ended up living in a place where federally recognized marriage is a reality and, though I know that so many have worked for so long to make this dream come true, at certain times it still is unbelievable.

This new reality recently allowed us, after many years together, to “tie the knot”. We began Pride Day by having the honor to be present at the raising of the Washington marriage equality flag on top of the Space Needle, then marching with the GSBA Briefcase Brigade, and following all of that (as if that wasn’t enough), we held a small wedding ceremony at our home in Seward Park surrounded by friends and family. We were thrilled to have GSBA leader Louise Chernin officiate the event. 

Image care of the Smithsonian
We are blessed to have all the things a family needs plus more and so when we considered the idea of wedding gifts it was a natural choice to think of helping others and of course for us that means the GSBA Scholarship Fund. Suggesting that guests consider  making a gift to the GSBA Scholarship fund was the perfect way to  answer the question of what to do about wedding presents. We didn’t need a toaster, or anything else for that matter, but our young and future leaders need a lot of help to make attending college a reality. For over 20 years, the GSBA Scholarship Fund has been making a difference, so what a great feeling it was to have our marriage help continue to make that difference. We’re pleased to report that there is at least one new Ruby Slipper wearer out there as a result!

What a great time this is to be alive and even though we know there is more to do to help achieve equality for all, how great it is to help make sure that happens by supporting those who will make a difference for the next generation. If you are planning your big day, why not include the GSBA Scholarship Fund in your suggested gifts? It helps complete the old adage of “something borrowed, something blue, something old and something new”… a new chance at success for  a deserving student.

Cheers to your happiness and to love and equality for all!

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