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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Candidate Profile: Dow Constantine

GSBA has invited all of its members who are running for office to provide a profile to share with the rest of the membership. We have given each of them a set of questions to respond to so that you can get to know them better. We are posting the profiles as we receive them. GSBA does not endorse candidates, but we are happy to let those candidates who are part of our organization introduce themselves to the rest of our growing membership. Don't forget to vote and mail in your primary ballots before August 6!

Executive Dow Constantine
Running for re-election as King County Executive

1.    What are the top 3 reasons why you are seeking reelection as King County Executive?

1. I want to ensure King County continues to invest in the infrastructure - human, natural, and physical - that allows people to fulfill their potential; invest not only in our roads, but also in educating the next generation of King County residents, and in protecting the environment that draws so many people to our region.

2. We must continue to improve government to be its most effective. By continually improving government to help families and small businesses, we increase public confidence and sustain quality services.

3. I want to continue setting the stage for prosperity that is not only great, but also broad. The parks and open spaces, businesses and entrepreneurs, cultural diversity, and boundless spirit of the families and communities of this forward-thinking region can only exist if we set the stage for a future prosperity accessible to all.

2. What do you consider your top 3 accomplishments and/or achievements in your past term as King County Executive?

1. In 2011, I secured temporary funding authority from the Legislature, and a supermajority of the County Council, to preserve Metro Transit during the recession.

2. After more than a dozen years fighting the massive expansion of the gravel mine on Maury Island, I was able to complete the County’s purchase of 250 acres of upland forest and a mile of undeveloped Puget Sound shoreline.

3. I put new leadership in place and worked with our employees and volunteers to create the new Regional Animal Services of King County. The animal shelter, which once had a shameful euthanasia rate of over 40 percent, now has a euthanasia rate of under 14 percent.

3. What are your top 3 priorities for the 1st year of your new term in office?

I will ensure King County makes the investments in transportation necessary to keeping our regional economy—and the people who live here—moving forward. I will continue to find solutions to preserve Metro Transit, ensuring greater mobility on our roadways.

I will continue to deliver on difficult environmental issues, protecting sensitive shoreline from destruction, refining land use regulations to protect people and wildlife, and expanding public investment in forests, farmlands, and open space.

I will continue to build a culture of innovation and continuous improvement to make government operations as efficient and sustainable as possible, protect workers’ security, and ensure that those who need a helping hand are able to get it.

4. What LGBT issues will you address in your first 6 months in office?

As County Executive, my goal is to ensure that all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity are accorded equal protection of the laws, and that we do all that we can do to hasten the day when bigotry has been driven from society. I will continue fighting for the LGBT community and basic American values, ensuring that everyone in King County receives equal treatment from their government.

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