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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Get your ballots in!

For those of us in Washington State, our ballots will start showing up in our mailboxes this afternoon.  This is a big election year and we strongly urge all our members and friends to educate themselves about the candidates and issues on the ballot.

GSBA's Board of Directors has endorsed a vote to APPROVE Referendum 74 and a NO vote on Initiative 1185.  It is a given that the country's largest LGBT business chamber would be fully behind the push for marriage equality, and we are very proud of so many of our members' public stances on this defining issue.  Equality is good business and is good for business.

The Board also agrees that Tim Eyman's I-1185 will adversely impact our state's ability to effectively legislative and will unduly tie the hands of government to react to the needs of the citizens.  Education, transportation, health care and more will be negatively impacted by this initiative.

As a non-partisan organization, GSBA does not endorse individual candidates.  If you are looking for additional information on the many races this year, we suggest any of the following resources:

SEAMEC - 2012 General Election Candidate Ratings (also available in the Seattle Gay News)
Equal Rights Washington - Progressive Voters Guide
CityClub - Living Voters Guide
NARAL Pro-Choice Washington - NARAL Endorsements
The Stranger Election Control Board - Long Form
The Stranger vs. The Seattle Times via SeattlePI

Don't forget to vote and mail in your ballots (or drop them off) as soon as possible.
Campaigns will stop calling you after your ballot is received by the county.

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