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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

2012 GSBA Ballot Positions

GSBA Endorses Approval of Referendum 74, No Vote on Initiative 1185

SEATTLE – The Greater Seattle Business Association (GSBA), the nation’s largest LGBT Chamber of Commerce and the second largest business chamber in the region has released its 2012 voter’s guide.  The GSBA’s Public Policy Task Force has taken the time to talk with representatives from several of the ballot measures that Washingtonians will face this November. Acting on the Task Force’s recommendation, the Board of Directors voted to take official positions on Referendum 74 and Initiative 1185.

With more than three decades’ experience fighting for equality, GSBA has worked as part of the coordinating committee for Washington United for Marriage since the start of the campaign.  Accordingly, the GSBA Public Policy Task Force and the Board of Directors endorse marriage equality and strongly recommend an “APPROVE” vote on Referendum 74. Marriage equality is good business and good for business.

It is the shared belief of the GSBA Public Policy Task Force and Board of Directors that Tim Eyman’s Initiative 1185 will hamper the state’s ability to effectively legislate and unduly tie the hands of government to react to the needs of the citizens.  Education, transportation, health care and more will be negatively impacted by this initiative.  GSBA recommends its members vote “NO” on Initiative 1185.

GSBA strongly encourages everyone to fill in and return their ballots by November 6.

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