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Monday, December 27, 2010

Resident Services Manager Position at Mount Baker Housing

Resident Services Manager

Mt Baker Housing (MBH) is a non-profit housing developer committed to providing affordable housing in southeast Seattle. Mt. Baker Housing owns and operates 5 multifamily properties representing 235 units of affordable rental housing. In the past two years, MBH has acquired and/or redeveloped two projects representing 61 units and is planning for future acquisitions.

In addition to its housing programs, MBH is looking to expand its service offerings to its resident population via a resident services 'facilitation' model. In this model, the resident services manager (RSM) is the point of contact with residents for their social service needs. MBH will partner with complementary service providers who will then deliver the services to the residents. The RSM will be instrumental in launching the resident services program. MBH believes it can build stronger communities by empowering residents and providing resources and advocacy to allow residents to thrive in MBH properties.

The RSM reports to and is supervised by the Executive Director.


The primary function of the resident services manager (RSM) is to effectively assist resident family members that have requested support in enhancing the quality of their daily lives and in more fully and successfully participating in the educational and economic mainstream. The position provides tenants with information about and supportive access to local services and resources that can assist the residents to achieve their life opportunities objectives. The resident services manager is an integral part of the MBH housing team and plays a critical role in the overall positive maintenance of the property for the enjoyment of its residents and the respect of its neighbors.


1. Welcome new residents (and establish contact with existing residents) and explain to them the resident services program, its offerings, and the RSM role in providing information and support in assisting residents interested in accessing local service resources.

2. Identify, assess, select, develop and maintain referral partnership relationships with local service resource agencies that effectively assist residents to achieve their life opportunities objectives.

3. Provide supportive linkages between residents and referral agency staff when residents or agencies request assistance.

4. Work with the property management team when a resident is identified as being in jeopardy of eviction and offer linkages and referral support to the resident to positively and quickly rectify the situation.

5. Establish resident services program targets. Consistently track and measure program target progress. Regularly report program outcomes to both internal and external stakeholders. Analyze and utilize outcomes data as the basis for continuous program improvement.

6. Identify and assess individual and family needs when appropriate; inform the resident of available resources and provide support in accessing services successfully.

7. Help to facilitate tenant meetings and community-organizing and social activities if desired by residents.

8. Develop supportive professional relationships with residents that help them enhance the quality of their lives, empower them and encourage them in taking the steps to achieve self-sufficiency.

9. Work with property management in mediating conflicts between tenants.

10. Complete other housing and resident related assignments as directed by the supervisor.



§ A bachelor's degree in the field of human services, plus a minimum of 3 years of experience working with diverse, low-come population; OR

§ Minimum of 5 years of documented, successful experience in community development or community-organizing activities

§ Knowledge of South/Southeast Seattle social service system or the proven ability to quickly develop such knowledge


§ Experience with community organizing and the social service system

§ Experience working with low-income families and knowledge of the daily realities they face

§ Experience working in affordable housing programs

§ Experience in successfully working with diverse populations

§ Proficiency in computer and technology

§ Experience working in team environment

§ Experience and demonstrated proficiency in program evaluation



§ Enthusiasm in working with people

§ Ability to multi-task and complete assignments that sometimes occur in a stressful environment

§ Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills

§ Ability to identify, assess, select, develop and maintain community service referral partnerships that assist residents in achieving their life opportunities objectives

§ Ability to establish, maintain, track, measure and report to stakeholders the program's goals and their efficacy in assisting residents to achieve their life opportunities objectives

§ Multicultural awareness, emphasis on East African and Southeast Asian populations


§ WSDL and an insured vehicle


§ Multi-lingual (Vietnamese, Khmer/Cambodian, Mandarin Chinese, Tagalog)

§ Masters Degree


$40,000-$45,000 per year DOE

Position categorization:

Fulltime temporary (one year) but may transition to permanent full-time


Permanent employees receive medical, dental, vision, retirement, PTO. As a full-time temporary, you won't receive benefits the first year.


Southeast Seattle at main office and requires travel between multiple site locations


Please email resume and cover letter to, ATTN: Mike Rooney. In your cover letter please include the following; why you entered the social service field? Why are you are interested in this job? What unique skills would you bring to the job that would help us launch this program?

Mike Rooney

Executive Director
Mt. Baker Housing

(206) 725-4152

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