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Friday, September 10, 2010

Get to Know ArtsFund

Make a Difference with ArtsFund

Join 150 other passionate arts enthusiasts in ArtsFund’s Associates Program. Since 1989, this program has engaged more than 1,000 volunteers with behind-the-scenes access to the arts, unique leadership opportunities, and a place to build long-lasting friendships.

Get Connected to the Arts: Learn about Seattle’s cultural life and become an informed arts advocate. As a volunteer you are invited to see shows and hear directly from the artistic and managing directors about their work.

Develop Leadership Skills: Work on teams, become a member of the program steering committee, or participate in ArtsFund’s Board Leadership Training course which includes an internship on the board of a local arts organization.

Long-lasting Friendships: Each Associate is part of a team of talented and passionate individuals. Along with supporting and connecting people to the arts, the Associate Program is a great opportunity to develop long-lasting personal and professional relationships.

What ArtsFund Does

Since 1969 ArtsFund has brought together donors to support nearly 70 local arts groups, large and small, so they can provide stimulating and enlightening arts for our community. Our annual fundraising campaigns provide a vehicle through which individuals, foundations and businesses can impact a variety of artistic disciplines, and the arts ecosystem as a whole, with just one gift. ArtsFund also serves as an advocate through its research on the economic impact of the arts, programs like Building for the Arts and its Board Leadership Training program. ArtsFund’s cash grants, capacity building, and other services make arts groups stronger so they can serve this region and make it a great place to live, work, raise a family and run a business.

“ArtsFund’s Associates program offers me many rewarding opportunities as a volunteer. For starters, I get to learn about how to support my community at the same time that I am

supported by a professional, talented, and caring staff. Having oodles of fun while exploring my leadership abilities is just one of many perks of the program. Most importantly, the genuine relationships I have made keep me coming back for more!” Suzanne Suneson, 2010 Top Associate.

How it Works

The program begins in November and runs through June. Associates are placed on small teams and work together to raise money and connect individuals and businesses to the arts. The results are impressive. Associates raise more than $600,000 annually by making direct solicitations to both individuals and companies.


- Identification and visibility within one’s company and community

- Learning more about the vibrant Seattle arts community

- Valuable training and experience in fundraising and leadership

- Development of new professional contacts and friendships - The opportunity to take part in the Board Leadership Training course - Access to numerous arts events and other special opportunities

How to get involved

The ArtsFund Associates Program has a limited number of slots. To apply fill out the online application by October 16th at http://www.surveymonkey. com/s/artsfund. The information is also available on our Facebook fan page and website (

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