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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Gearing Up For Pride? Let SCS Help

Seattle Counselling Service is selling a couple of great items they used in the 2009 Pride Parade.

1. Pop Up Cake: Fabulous Pop up cake : Used to celebrate their 40th Anniversary – now you can have it for your celebrations!

The cake is made of three separate layers (60”, 46” and 32”) of very light weight plywood. The layers hook together and are then 46”” tall. There is a door opening for a person to get it the cake to POP out!

Seattle Counseling Service purchased the cake from Archie McFee’s (it had been specially made for them) for $1000 and would like to recoup our costs only. It would be a tax deductable donation to SCS.

The cake is located at SCS – on Pine Street in Capitol Hill. The cake also has wheels on the bottom layer for easier moving. A large pickup truck is needed to move it. SCS will be happy to provide people power to help with the move!

It would be a great for a caterer or event planner to have to offer to customers.

2. Astroturf: great piece 30 x 10 feet used on the SCS float. We would love to get it to someone for a $50 donation to Seattle Counseling Service.

Contact : or call 206-323-1768 and ask for Libbie

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