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Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring Brings Exciting Color Choices for the Home

Spring Brings Exciting Color Choices for the Home

Insightful Seasonal Fashion

by Donald Dewsnup, DJ Design Limited

We are experiencing an unseasonably warm winter in the Pacific Northwest. All of the bulbs and cherry trees are blooming a month early -- a welcome sign of rebirth and renewal. Our homes are no different. They are much more dynamic than ever before, evolving into simpler, more streamlines and modern environments providing comfort and a solid foundation for today's active lifestyle. A modern look doesn't mean throwing out the classic lines of traditional interiors. On the contrary, the traditional classics have been redefined with fresh new looks that catch the eye and hold our attention.

Spring brings some exciting and beautiful color choices for accessories. Use them to update your home. These are easy to do "must have looks" for any room in the house.

Tiffany Blur is a classic symbolizing warmth and wealth. Think "Tiffany's" and this pleasing color comes to mind right away. Next is Electric Blue -- energetic and vibrant. Use this color to update a room in an instant! The new Easter colors this year are a combination of raspberry and Kelly Green. These colors are bright and bold and they add an element of excitement to any decor.

The next color combination is a new take on a black and white standard -- black and white plaid. The plaid pattern is traditional and gives an element of structure. In black and white, plaid offers a fresh and updated new look that holds our attention. Last but not least is lavender. The cool hues of this beautiful pastel color remind us of Spring and the smell of lilacs wafting in the air.

Use these colors in accessories sprinkled throughout your home such as pillows, curtains, lampshades, area rugs, picture frames and vases.

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