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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Don't let the AG derail health reform that benefits everyone

Appearing in Wednesday, March 31st edition of The Seattle Times.

Attorney General Rob McKenna's challenge of the new federal health-care law is disappointing, writes Mona Smith, president of the Greater Seattle Business Association. reform is especially critical for the LGBT community, which benefits considerably from eliminating lifetime maximums and pre-existing conditions.

By Mona Smith, Special to The Times

FOR the past year, the nation has been abuzz about health-care reform. For many of us, the new health-care law is not the reform or the law we were promised or for which we held out hope.

It does not contain a public option nor does it contain Congressman Jim McDermott's amendment that would have eliminated the imputed income tax many of us pay for the privilege of covering our domestic partners in our health-care plans. It also hampers a woman's right to choose.

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