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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Get Ready for the TASTE!

From Lance Park in the GSBA office....

We are being overrun by TASTE! As we get closer to the event, so many boxes of stuff are piling up in the office. Not just auction donation items (which we still have room for) but decor pieces, bubble wrap, gifts for our gift bag, supplies for registration and so many other things that soon we will be unable to walk. Every surface in our conference room is being covered with large Post-Its with lists of everything we still need to do, maps of the hotel, items for the auctions and more. Less than 4 weeks to go until the most delicious event of the year is upon us.

Do you have your table filled yet? Continue inviting your friends and co-workers to the most delicious event of the season. Dazzle your friends and purchase your table to this glitzy event online now.

See the fun and exciting auction items we already have and that are awaiting you at this year’s auction by clicking here online

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