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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Meet Mark, Our New Director of Programs & Fund Development

5 Questions with Mark Rosén
Our new Director of Programs and Fund Development is a face that most of you will recognize. We are very excited to welcome him in this new role with GSBA!

Welcome, Mark! What did you do before joining the GSBA staff? 
I had a long career in the beauty service industry and was a salon owner for over 20 years. During that time I had the opportunity to travel and teach nationally with several major product companies, including as a global educator with the Aveda Corporation. The most important lesson I learned in my salon career was the value of building relationships, which is part of what I bring to my new role at GSBA. 

You aren't actually new to GSBA. How were you involved with the organization before 2015? 
I’m a longtime GSBA member (over 17 years) and supporter of the GSBA Scholarship Fund. My salon was named Business of the Year in 2005. I had the honor of serving as Board Chair for three years and also as Scholarship Chair. I've served on just about every standing committee and have loved the opportunity to connect with so many great GSBA members. One of the most fun things I can add is that I spearheaded the return of the GSBA Briefcase Brigade, which was an early Pride Parade tradition. I can proudly say that I am the most uncoordinated member of the brigade, having made it to the front page of the Seattle Times with the caption “Members of the GSBA Briefcase Brigade attempt to stay in step”!

What are some of your favorite memories as past Board and Scholarship Chair or as a member?
My favorite memories all revolve around the successes we have seen with the growth of the Scholarship Fund! Every year I've met incredible scholars and hear their moving stories. I've had the honor of supporting some of our past scholars as they prepare to present at our events, and I've been thrilled to see new donors come on board with the same passion I share for supporting our future leaders. Of course there’s also the thrill of raising the Pride flag and the Equality Washington flag on the top of the Space Needle! 

This is a new role in the office. What are you looking forward to most?
I’m most looking forward to exploring how we can continue to grow as an organization to offer our members the most value with our programs and use our voice to advocate for important business and social issues, as well as seeing the continued growth of our Scholarship Fund and its important mission of creating future leaders.

You helped organize the Wine District at the TASTE of GSBA. What are some of your favorite Washington wines, wine experiences, or winery members?

As a Washington wine geek, I have loved connecting my wine-making friends with the GSBA! It’s been a thrill to have them see the importance of what we do as an organization and support us through their participation. TASTE of GSBA has definitely become a great Washington wine event, and I loved hearing from Bart Fawbush of Bartholomew Winery that our guests are the most knowledgeable wine enthusiasts of any event he does. We now have winery supporters from all over the state, with a lineup last year that included so many favorites: Laurelhurst, Nota Bene, Fidelitas, Elsom, El Corazon, Va Piano, Bartholomew, Goose Ridge and more! That’s a pretty amazing list! 

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