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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Rachael Recommends

by Rachael Brister, GSBA Vice President, Tourism & Marketing

For our first ePerspective of 2015, I wanted to share some articles I have read about predictions for 2015 around social media and digital marketing. There are many ideas about what will be hot this year around social media and digital marketing, but almost every article I have read agree that the days of using social media as a free advertising platform are almost, if not completely, over:

Unfortunately, the time of social media as "free" advertising is over. Social media is now all grown up, makes money as a real business, and is the platform where they allow us to market our wares. With that shift in power the rise of paid advertising on social is going to be big.”

Also, this handy social media Image Size Cheat Sheet is something you should bookmark, print out or both.

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