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MISSION: To combine business development, leadership and social action to expand economic opportunities for the LGBT Community and those who support equality for all.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Meet One of Our Newest Supporters

Todd Martin of Carpet Liquidators is one of GSBA's newest members and a Bronze Sponsor. Having joined this winter after the attempt by conservative Republican legislators in Arizona to allow LGBT individuals to be refused service on religious grounds, Todd has become an active supporter and volunteer.

Why join GSBA?
We decided to join GSBA at the time that the state of Arizona was trying to pass a law that could refuse service to anyone for religious rights. We all know that was just a cover. I vowed to not let that happen here. We joined as a GSBA Bronze Sponsor to really let you know everyone is welcome here. We are not just a family business, we are a local business that believes in fair and equal treatment of all our customers. We also saw a chance for the flooring industry to be actively supportive of the LGBT community.

Not only are we saying we want your business, but we also are saying you are welcomed here no matter who you are. The GSBA Scholarship Fund is another important reason. Having volunteered at the recent Scholarship Awards Dinner, I see people really need us. If it were not for us businesses and individual members having the belief that all are equal, many of these students would never have the chance to go on to post-secondary training or education.

How has GSBA benefited your business?
It is allowing me to network and make new connections. It gives me a new arena for advertising word of mouth. Attending events has been invaluable. I have already seen the results coming from my GSBA interactions, including from people I met with people I met at the Business & Humanitarian Awards Dinner.

What do I recommend to others to maximize their benefits?
Attend luncheons and special functions. You do not need to be a big sponsor to reap the benefits. Meet people on the Board and network. They are really helpful and will welcome you and give you advice. Volunteer at events and in the office and get to know the staff. It will build a more positive connection. It will show you're not just there to get business but that you are there to support business. Currently we are doing a postcard mailing to all members, so keep an eye out for it. We won't bombard your mailbox, but this upcoming mailing does contain an offer you can pass on to friends and family if you yourself can not use it. is another free way to promote your business. Look for us there and create your own promotions. But most of all, tell your friends and family to always check the GSBA Guide & Directory when needing goods and services. You are not only helping yourself, but all of the member businesses. 

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