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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

GSBA Urges Voters to Reject I-517

The Board of Directors of the Greater Seattle Business Association (GSBA) has unanimously voted to oppose Initiative 517.
GSBA is opposing I-517, the Tim Eyman initiative on initiatives that would allow signature gatherers unfettered access onto private property such as store entrances, arenas and business reception areas and limit the right of the private property owners to ask them to leave. The initiative creates a 25 foot buffer zone for signature gathers. The initiative would also create a new disorderly conduct misdemeanor offense for harassing signature gatherers, despite laws already on the books.

I-517 would additionally guarantee that any local or state ballot measure receiving the requisite number of signatures would automatically be placed on the ballot, regardless of a measure’s constitutionality or validity.  Any court challenge would have to wait until after the election and enactment of the measure. This would increase the expense to Washington State taxpayers by forcing unnecessary elections on unconstitutional or otherwise invalid measures.

GSBA reviewed I-517 through our member-led Public Policy Task Force at its October 21st meeting, which included a discussion and NO recommendation to the Board of Directors.

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