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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Member Spotlight: The Dog Show with Julie Forbes

by Julie Forbes, Training & Behavior Specialist; Host of The Dog Show With Julie Forbes

Eleven years in business, and over four years as a radio host have taught me a lot.  One of the clearest gifts of wisdom from building a successful business is my appreciation for the power of community. 

I am an expert in dog training and behavior, and have built a unique business with many facets, entirely through networking.  In my private sessions with clients, I often find myself coaching them on connecting to their authentic power – so that they may effectively communicate with their dog.  

One of my most important professional distinctions, in an industry with no regulation, is my ability to coach people to establish authority, without force.  I love educating people who live with dogs, how to effectively set boundaries and “get control”, without bullying.  This is an important conversation to bring a clear voice to, regardless of the context.  If any community is conscious of, and sensitive to, this distinction - it is the LGBT community.
As an “out & proud” radio host, I have the opportunity to publicly engage in conversation about one of my most passionate topics – DOGS – and share other aspects of myself with a larger audience – like when my wife and I got married in Washington state last year, on the first day it was legal.  The Dog Show With Julie Forbes allows me to be known more intimately as an expert, and as a human being.

I am excited to participate in the GSBA as a local leader in my profession, and as a powerful member of the organization.  I am inspired to participate in events that support my community, and our youth.  Now, just two weeks away from 2013 PRIDE – I reflect on another potent aspect of GSBA membership: that I have the opportunity to regularly engage with peers whom I am proud of.  Pride is not limited to pride of oneself, but having pride reflected back to us, by our communities.  What a gift!

I am inspired by the work of the GSBA and it’s members, and am honored to be a new member.  I look forward to continuing to grow, personally and professionally, and to contribute to the growth of the GSBA.  We are brilliant, talented, driven, passionate and powerful, and it is important for the LGBT community to have a strong presence in the economy.  Onward!

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