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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Chinese Trans Leader Visits GSBA Offices

(L to R) Marsha Botzer, Acid Chen, Louise Chernin, Matt Landers
Last week GSBA was visited by one of the pioneers of the Chinese Transgender community. Acid Chen, through her work with the organization Aibai, is leading the first program that provides help and resources for Transgender people in China. Acid is visiting the U.S. as part of the LA Gay & Lesbian Center Emerging Leaders Program, which regularly hosts and trains up-and-coming leaders from China with skills that will help them serve in their roles at the vanguard of China's emerging LBGT movement. During her stay in Seattle, Acid visited with Ingersoll Gender Center and Director Marsha Botzer. Acid discussed the challenges faced by many Transgender people in China, which mirror many of the challenges that the community faces around the world.

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Ann Paris said...

That is wonderful and inspiring that there is a trans movement in China. I am sure it was beneficial for Ms. Chen to spend time with Marsha and Louise.

Thanks for posting this in the GSBA newsletter.

Thanks! Ann Paris Cunningham