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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

2013 Washington State Jefferson Awards

by Diane Douglas, Executive Director of CityClub

When I review the Washington State Jefferson Awards nominations each year, I experience a flood of positive emotions: I’m humbled by the extraordinary accounts of generosity and service contributed by unsung heroes throughout the state. I’m amazed by how much good is accomplished through their drive and commitment –often with limited financial resources. My spirit is renewed concerning great citizenship and community engagement. I’m grateful to my fellow Washingtonians. I’m inspired to increase my own volunteer activities and impact.

I think all that positive energy is infectious, and I want to ask your help to grow it. When you inform and encourage the members of your network to participate in the Jefferson Awards, you’ll spark their engagement, pride, gratitude, inspiration and action. Right now, Washington ranks 9th in the nation in volunteering. Let’s aim higher!

Below are ways you can use a host of communication tools to tap the natural resource of Washington State generosity and build our collective impact for good.

Diane Douglas
Executive Director

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