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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

GSBA Scholar Spotlight: Jessica Warmbo

Jessica Warmbo and Kyle Rapinan (also a former GSBA Scholar) at LavenderGraduation   (Photo by PHOTOTAINMENT)

Congratulations to Jessica Warmbo, a four-year GSBA scholar, who graduated last month with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Welfare, and a Minor in Diversity Studies, from the University of Washington.  Through Jessica’s advocacy in the classroom and beyond, she was vocal about readings that contained homophobia and transphobia, and spoke up when her classmates said something that might be problematic.  She said, “I advocated for more education around gender identity, which was very badly needed.  I think that my straight and cis classmates are more prepared to do social work with queer individuals in a competent way due to my advocacy.” 

Throughout Jessica’s time at the University of Washington, she has been involved with the UW Q Center.  She has been employed there, as well as acting as a peer advisor and a coordinator of the Queer Mentoring Program.  She will continue to work with the Q Center this year as she prepares for graduate school.  Jessica will enroll in the University of Washington’s School of Social Work in July to ear her Master’s in Social Work, with a concentration in Mental Health.  She will graduate in June 2013 and plans to become a counselor who works within the queer community.

Jessica said being a GSBA scholar has meant she could focus on school fully without worrying about finances.  She said the GSBA offered, “support that I didn’t get from my family, and it means a lot because I was both emotionally and financially supported by GSBA.  It was comforting to have consistent people in my life rooting for me and supporting me.”  She also has been grateful for meeting the many professional and successful queer business owners through the GSBA, and says, “after hearing some of their stories, I felt encouraged that I could do the same and make a life for myself after going through a lot of trauma.”

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