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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cupcake Royale's Rainbow Gay-bies

The Vote is almost here and so are Cupcake Royale's Rainbow Gay-bies!

SEATTLE, WA --  In celebration of today's historic, 6:00pm Washington State Senate vote which will bring our state one critical step closer to realizing marriage equality, Cupcake Royale is proud to announce the arrival of Rainbow Gay-bies!

The Rainbow Gay-bies will be available today, Wednesday, February 1 through Thursday, February 2 at all 5 neighborhood cafes.
Spread the love and the good news!  The Rainbow Gay-bies can be ordered online by the 2-dozen pack for shipping across the U.S.!

Named Seattle’s Best Cupcakes of 2011 by Seattle Weekly, and the home of Seattle's 1st Gay Cupcake, 'The Gay' which was available last June and raised a record $10,000 for the It Gets Better Project, Cupcake Royale is celebrating this key vote with all of Washington State by introducing, Rainbow Gay-bies!  
Baby they were baked that way!

WHAT: Rainbow Gay-bies (Rainbow Babycakes) 
WHEN: Available FEB 1 – FEB 2 2012 in all 5 cafes and online for pre-order 
HOW MUCH: In stores sold individually from Feb 1-Feb 2 for $1.75 each and for pre-order in 2-dozen packs for $36.00
WHERE:  At any Cupcake Royale cafes and online 

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