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Thursday, October 20, 2011

GSBA Public Policy Task Force

Keeping You Informed!   

Your GSBA Public Policy Task Force (PPTF) has had a busy fall, from holding its annual Candidate Forum to researching the many ballot initiatives up for a vote this November.

In preparation for determining if GSBA should take a position on any of the Initiatives, the Task Force invited speakers on both sides of selected November ballot issues to make a presentation on the pro's and con's of the issues. Following discussions by PPTF, with input from our Public Policy Council and the Board, the following endorsement recommendations were adopted by GSBA's Board of Directors:
  1. No on Initiative 1125
I-1125 places restrictions on gas tax allocations,
requiring the state legislature to set road tolls;  
preventing light rail from being extended across
520 to Bellevue; and more.
  1. Yes on Seattle's Families and Education Levy
Continues the expiring levy to fund programs
for at-risk youth for the next 7 years.

In addition, the PPTC and Public Policy Council (PPC) considered three other initiatives. They concluded, either because it was beyond the scope of the GSBA mission or our membership was divided over the initiative, that GSBA should remain neutral or not take a position.

No GSBA position taken on:
  1. Initiatives 1163
Reenacting training and background checks for long
term care workers.  
(Out of the scope of the GSBA mission)
  1. Initiative 1183
Removing the State from the liquor business.(Membership split for and against)
  1. Seattle Proposition 1
$60 Car Tab License Fee
(Membership split for and against)

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