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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

GSBA Member Spotlight - Sandy Bjorgen IMPROV-Able Results

The GSBA would like to welcome Sandy Bjorgen, founder of IMPROV-Able Results, to the GSBA family. IMPROV-Able Results offers a wide variety of services aimed at developing public speaking skills through coaching and creative exercises incorporating Bjorgen's past experiences in theatre. As a RSP, recovering shy person, Bjorgen knows first hand the struggles and fears of public speaking.

"Some people need a safe environment to practice and develop their skills," said Bjorgen. "I train people to think and speak under pressure."

Bjorgen utilizes applied improve training to help people build confidence and speak with ease. IMPROV-Able Results focus on topics such as crucial conversations, creative problem solving & innovation, presenting like a pro, developing elevator pitches and developing skills for trainers.

"People nowadays need to be more creative with how they communicate. Training sessions are designed to create "Aha!"s and lasting results," said Bjorgen.

IMPROV-Able Results training is adaptable to any industry setting; small businesses, corporations, nonprofits, professional associations, educational institutions, government agencies, individual entrepreneurs, leaders, and teams.

For further information you can find Sandi Bjorgen & IMPROV-Able Results under the Public Speaking & Workshops category in the GSBA Guide & Directory or at

by Joshua Michael Rumley, GSBA Event & Office Coordinator

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