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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Baby Watch

So our very own (and well-renouned) Manager of Chamber Administration and Program Services is having a BABY! Given that this is Rachel's first, she and husband are super excited. In the interest of learning more about what it means to be pregnant, she shared a couple of comments. Things like: because the baby is due in late December, folks automatically think, "Wow, a Christmas baby." Nice thought, exept Rachel is Jewish and Christmas hardly applies.

It's also funny how people feel like the state of her body is all of a sudden a free-for-all for commentary. For example, unsolicited details like: "You're so tiny"...or "you know you're big, right?" I mean...what if she wasn't pregnant???

Anyway, we will continue to keep tabs on the next GSBA baby girl and when she will grace us with her presence. And, get in line if you want to meet the little one. I think she'll have the largest village of aunts and uncles on the planet. More to come later....

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