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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Rachael Recommends: Summer Social Media Focus on Facebook

Scouring the digital marketing blogosphere….so you don’t have to.

I subscribe to a lot of blogs and newsfeeds from experts in various aspects of the digital marketing field.  This is my roundup of articles, tips, how-to’s and best practices for social media, apps, marketing, pr and some technology thrown in for good measure. If there is a particular subject or social media platform you want to learn more about, please let me know. Check out my comments before the links.  

Now onto this month’s roundup…I am focusing on Facebook posting, advertising, tips and more with a focus on Facebook for small business. And before you delve into specifics, check out this handy overview for Facebook marketing. I also suggest you follow the Facebook for Business page for tips and updates.

Call to Action
At the top of your business page you may have seen a new-ish button next to your like button that says: Create Call to Action. Vertical Response’s blog has a helpful video on what this is and how to use it.

Facebook advertising can be very effective and affordable for small businesses. The articles below offer some helpful tools and tips for creating Facebook ads and also some info on the new way Facebook is charging for its ads.
Facebook Is Changing How It Charges for Ads 
How to Get 500% ROI from Facebook Ads

Already using Facebook advertising and you want to take your ads to the next level? Check out this article on advance techniques for Facebook advertisers.

Video on Facebook
Video is a versatile, easy and fun way to market your product, promote your brand or show your audience how to do something. And now it is even easier to integrate short videos into many social media platforms. You probably have noticed the growing number of videos that show up in your Facebook newsfeed. You know, the ones that just start playing as you are scrolling through your newsfeed. These are examples of native video, when you actually upload a video to Facebook (as opposed to just linking to a video hosted on a different site/platform). When you publish videos to Facebook, the result is high visibility and a greater likelihood of engagement.

Facebook Newsfeed Changes (yes, again)
Facebook recently launched updated controls for one’s news feed. This basically puts more power into the hands of the user as to who and what they see in their news feed. The articles below help decipher what this means for businesses using Facebook for their marketing.

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